Custom Solutions

If you have a unique application which would benefit from a modified Organomation product we want to hear from you. We can provide you with a custom quote on an instrument setup designed specifically to meet your lab's needs. Please contact a sales technician to let us know how we can help.

Below are some of the custom solutions we have designed for our customers. We can recreate any of the units listed below, or we are happy to work with you to develop a custom unit that meets your specific needs.


Flexible blowdown evaporator with digital timer and temperature control
Portable nitrogen blowdown concentrator for up to six samples
Microplate evaporator with built-in timer
Parallel boiling bath evaporator for up to eight flasks
Parallel boiling bath evaporator for 500 mL flasks
Parallel boiling bath evaporator for 1000 mL flasks


Parallel extractor to accomodate 50 mL round bottom flasks and West-style condensers
For heavier-than-water extractions such as EPA method 3520
For 50 mm Soxhlet extractors / 500 mL solvent flasks

Other Custom Solutions

Dual needle add-on to flush oxygen from a capped tube
MICROVAP Calibration Insert
Thermometer adapter to externally verify heat block temperature

Need a modification not listed above? Contact us for a quote on a custom instrument designed to meet your needs.