MICROVAP Microplate Evaporator

Catalog #
11801 Single position MICROVAP

The single plate MICROVAP microplate evaporator is one of the most compact sample concentrators available, and it continues to meet the needs of the life science and pharmaceutical industries.  This microplate concentrator is ideal for laboratories needing efficient solutions for the gentle evaporation of high capacity, low volume samples in 96-well microplates and 96-well deep well plates.

In order to evaporate high boiling point solvents effectively, the digital temperature controller and solid aluminum heating unit provide uniform heat up to 130°C with temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5°C. The gas delivery manifold offers continuous evaporation via 2 inch x 19 gauge stainless steel needles. A version without heat is available for evaporations that will be performed at ambient temperatures.



    • Compact design: The MICROVAP product line has the smallest footprint of all of Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators
    • Ease of use: Temperature and gas levels are easily set using the digital temperature controller and gas flow meter
    • Versatility: Quickly convert dry block and/or gas manifold to 15 or 24 positions using conversion kits


Standard Features:

    • Adjustable flow meter 
    • Digital temperature control 
    • High temperature limit switch 
    • High pressure tubing 
    • 2 inch x 19 gauge needles
    • Nitrogen filter
    • Anodized aluminum dry block 


Optional Features:

    • 220v wiring harness (Option Code -2)
    • Z-Purge/intrinsically safe purge case (Option Code -Z)
    • Manifold and stand only; no heating platform (Option Code -O)
    • Acid resistant coating on instrument and needles (Option Code -RT)