Nitrogen Generators

Lightweight unit for fast nitrogen generation; runs off an external air compressor

All-In-One solution with integrated air compressor

Now that you have decided on an evaporator, it is time to address your nitrogen source. After all, what is a nitrogen blowdown evaporator without the blowdown?

There are a wide variety of nitrogen generators on the market today, employing different technologies for separation, and all with different output capabilities. Some include a compressor while others are designed to hook up to an existing compressed air source. Organomation has taken out the guesswork and distilled the choices to two compatible options.

Organomation carries two nitrogen generator lines, carefully selected to meet the needs of our customers.

The NITRO-GEN line is portable and lightweight, working with a lab’s existing compressed air supply to produce nitrogen gas. It is ideal for any lab looking for a low-cost solution to integrate with their clean air line. For labs looking for an all-in-one solution, we recommend the NiGen 40-1. This standalone unit is built with an internal compressor, eliminating the hassle and cost of sourcing a compressor separately.

Did you know?

Blowdown evaporation is a physical process removing solvent vapor from the air above the sample, thereby allowing the remaining solvent to evaporate more easily. Nitrogen is often chosen for this task because it is inert and relatively inexpensive. By this we just mean that it is less expensive than helium. The cost of nitrogen tanks can still add up if you are replacing them all the time!

Does this mean you need to invest indefinitely in a supply of nitrogen cylinders? Not necessarily. Another option is to opt for a nitrogen generator instead. Air is conveniently 78% nitrogen already. Generators capitalize on this, filtering out oxygen and trace gases to produce a stream of laboratory-ready nitrogen gas on demand.