Solvent Extraction Instruments

You are in the lab and need to run multiple extractions at once. First you set the Soxhlet extractors up on individual heating mantles or baths. Next, tubing is individually attached to each of the condensers. There are dozens of tubes to deal with, and multiple heating mantles to monitor. The problem with this arrangement is that in the end, you have spent more time assembling and monitoring your apparatuses than performing the actual chemistry.

The ROT-X-TRACT product lines eliminate chaos and wasted time by allowing for up to 8, or 10 extractions to be performed simultaneously in a single bath with a single water manifold.

To conserve valuable bench space, all samples are arranged in a circle and the instrument rotates allowing each sample to be accessed from the front. Individual condensers are connected to the centrally located water manifold through quick disconnect fittings. The water supply and drain manifolds have one water supply line in, one drain line out, allowing the instrument to rotate freely without tangling the tubing.

Rotary Solid-Liquid Soxhlet Extractor

Corning Accelerated One-Step Liquid-Liquid Extractor