Extended Warranties

At Organomation we take pride in our product quality and strive to make sure each evaporator ships without blemishes or defects. In the event that something does go wrong, however, all of our instruments come with at least a one year standard warranty. Some of our most popular nitrogen evaporators, including our 12 and 24 Position N-EVAP Evaporators, come standard with a two year warranty in case of any mishaps in the lab.

Table 1 - Length of Standard Warranties

1 year term

2 year term

34 & 45 position N-EVAP Model 116

12 position N-EVAP Model 111

MULTIVAP product line

24 position N-EVAP Model 112

Solvent evaporators Model 120

MICROVAP product line

Solvent extractors Models 130, 133


All other instruments, heating devices and accessories



If you are interested in a service plan or extended warranty beyond what comes standard with your instrument, we would be happy to provide you with a customized quote. Please contact us for more information.