8 position, 500 mL S-EVAP-KD -- Refurbished

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S-EVAP-KD 8 position, 500 ml
S-EVAP-KD 8 position, 500 ml

Sale Price: $4,600

Description: This refurbished solvent evaporator can hold up to eight 500 mL KD flasks (S-EVAP KD Cat# 12018) This unit includes a restocked upper nitrogen distribution assembly and a new bath. It has been upgraded to our most reliable stainless steel water manifolds. This boiling bath evaporator is designed to rapidly evaporate and recollect large volumes of organic solvents. The instrument can be used with glassware for either individual (Cat# GS2153) or central solvent collection (Cat#GS2153-C with Cat# GS2158-C8). With either glassware setup, the instrument is capable of reclaiming up to 97% of solvent used. 

Glassware sold separately.


Bath type


Heating Range

30°C - 100°C





Temperature Control

Digital with electronic LED display

Sample capacity

8 samples

Sample size

500 mL KD Flasks

The functionality of refurbished units is guaranteed but some units may contain cosmetic blemishes. Please feel free to contact us for any specific questions about this instrument.

*Image is representative of an 8 position S-EVAP and is not an image of the actual refurbished instrument. Glassware sold separately.*