Corning One-Step Liquid-Liquid Extractor--Refurbished

Catalog #
ROT-X-TRACT-LC Cat#13318
ROT-X-TRACT-LC Cat#13318
  • ROT-X-TRACT-LC Cat#13318
  • ROT-X-TRACT-LC Cat#13318

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Description: Refurbished Corning One-Step Liquid-Liquid Solvent Extractor (ROT-X-TRACT-LC, Cat# 13318). The ROT-X-TRACT-LC can hold up to eight Corning Accelerated One-Step apparatuses. Each apparatus holds a hydrophobic membrane allowing the organic solvent to circulate continuously through the water sample until extraction is complete. Glassware and membranes are not included and may be purchased separately.

The condenser and sample holder assemblies are lightly used and are in very good condition. This instrument also includes a brand new bath. The unit has been refurbished to full working condition and comes with a one year standard warranty.

The functionality of refurbished units is guaranteed but some units may contain cosmetic blemishes. Please feel free to contact us for any specific questions about this instrument.

*Image is representative of an ROT-X-TRACT-LC, and is not an image of the actual refurbished instrument*