N-EVAP 24 Position Dry Bath Evaporator--Refurbished

Catalog #
24 Position N-EVAP - Dry Bath cat#11250-DA
24 Position N-EVAP - Dry Bath cat#11250-DA

Sale Price: $3,450

This refurbished 24 place blowdown evaporator is an older model of the standard 24 position dry bath N-EVAP (Cat# 11250-DA). The dry bath was used for in-house testing and is in good condition. The unit comes with a blemished but new nitrogen distribution assembly and an aluminum bead heating media.


Bath type

 Dry (aluminum beads)

Heating Range

 40°C - 130°C





Sample capacity

 24 samples

Sample tube OD

 10-30 mm


The functionality of refurbished units is guaranteed, but some units may contain cosmetic blemishes. Please feel free to contact us for any specific questions about this instrument.